Mobile meditation studio helps New Yorkers relax

(Author : springwise)
A converted bus provides busy city-dwellers with guided meditation sessions at a different location every day.

Taking time to find some mind space is such an important aspect of wellbeing that BE TIME’s founder wanted to find a way to make it easy for the people of New York City to do that on a daily basis. The new BE TIME mobile meditation bus helps incorporate much-needed quiet time into busy daily lives. A regularly updated schedule makes it easy for workers and residents to find the bus, and the company is planning to make several locations regular stops so people can easily access a weekly session.

Led by experienced practitioners, each meditation session lasts for half an hour and provides a variety of techniques to choose from. Classes cost USD 22 per half hour, with packages and discounts available, and there are a number of open sessions that are self-guided. Weighted blankets, a variety of seating options and light and aromatherapy all add to the experience.

Another method for accessing mobile wellness is a subscription service that provides a monthly dose of relaxation in the form of curated collections of items. And for an immersive experience, a planetarium runs simulated forest relaxation sessions. What type of product or service could help people who get stressed, when they try to incorporate wellbeing into their lives?

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