‘Macy’s on Call’ Helps Shoppers Navigate Their Local Stores

(Author : Joey Haar)
AI has been liberally applied to smart homes and cars, but the pilot project for the ‘Macy’s on Call’ app shows that the technology can just as readily go hand in hand with the world of retail. The mobile web tool gives shoppers in Macy stores the ability to quickly and efficiently find the items they’re looking for, with a smart search function that recognizes natural language and responds appropriately.

‘Macy’s on Call’ is designed for use in stores, and the tool has the ability to recognize which specific Macy’s location each user is in. Shoppers can then enter questions about where to find whatever they’re looking for. The tool recognizes both types of products (for example, summer dresses or men’s shoes) and specific brands’ items (like INC dresses or Nike shoes).

Source : trendhunter.com